Unfilled vs Filled Travertine

This option applies to travertine only. The surface of travertine has naturally occurring holes and pits which give it a very organic look. With unfilled travertine, these natural holes are left open (with only very large holes occasionally filled). Depending on the use of your table, this is not always practical so we also offer a filled version. This is where the travertine holes are filled with a resin in a colour that is similar to the stone. We currently only offer an unfilled finish on our Romano Travertine.

Honed vs Polished Travertine & Marble

Honed stone has a matte, unpolished finish. The surface does not reflect light and has a more natural look to it and as a result, the marble has a more muted colour to it. Polished stone, as the name implies, has been smoothed and shined using abrasive materials so that it reflects light. This gives it a bright, polished appearance and the colour and veining is more pronounced. 

Regardless of the finish you select, all of our stone is sealed although this does not protect against all staining so care does need to be taken. Please see our aftercare page for more information.

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