Product Aftercare

When cared for correctly Marble and Travertine are extremely hardwearing materials. To maintain the beauty of your new Atelier278 piece, we recommend the following guidelines:

Cleaning & Care

Whilst our tables are sealed for durability, Marble and Travertine are porous materials.

  1. To prevent ring marks, scratches, or heat damage, use coasters and placemats.
  2. Mop up spills of wine, coffee, lemon juice, vinegar and oil etc immediately.
  3. Natural stone has good heat resistance, but it’s still best to use avoid direct contact.
  4. Add felt pads to decorative items placed on your table to prevent surface scratches.
  5. Clean and dry using a soft damp cloth and warm water or a specialist marble cleaner.
  6. Do not use bleach or acidic cleaning materials or anything abrasive to clean.
  7. Re-apply a water-based impregnating sealer every 12 months.

Loading & Moving

Unlike wood, marble is not flexible and doesn't respond well to heavy loading.

  1. Avoid sitting, standing, or heavily leaning on tabletops.
  2. Don’t place very heavy items on your piece, especially where there is no base below.
  3. If you need to move a table, detach the top from the base(s) first!
  4. When moving a table, rest the tabletop on soft surfaces only to prevent chips.

Whilst care should be taken to ensure longevity, each piece has been crafted to be used and enjoyed. Marks and stains are inevitable, and overtime will gracefully add to your piece’s unique character, telling the story of good times shared with loved ones.